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VIMFF – Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival



• Website Redesign + Rebuild
• Phase 1: Launch initially for smaller Fall Festival with 5 evening shows
• Phase 2: Launch for the main festival in February 2018 with 40 shows
• Responsive, mobile friendly with cross-browser compatibility
• Shows to be dynamically populated with Films & Speakers
• Films to be added to specified shows, genres & locations for search capabilities
• Forms to support film submissions, a photography competition, sponsorship inquiries, volunteer inquiries, and tour inquires
• Tour page featuring upcoming dates & films
• Custom Tickets Page to be populated with all shows and linked out to external ticketing system
• Strict deadlines with launch 1 month before event
• SEO Optimization
• Blog with social sharing capabilities
• Training and ongoing support for updates

Thank you for the stunning work completed by your team on the web design. I am thrilled. What a surprise! Picture speaks thousand words. The web design consists of images mainly. White background, light grey font, a three paragraph structure, and clear and short messages make the images to stand out. It is easy to find what you are looking for, colours are well put together, images professional, navigation quick and clear, communication simple, etc. Overall feeling is inspiring, engaging and memorable. I am loosing the words from the surprise and joy! It is a top class design, no doubt, beautiful and effective. It brings the VIMFF to a completely new level! World class, best of best. I am so proud of Lindsay and the entire team and am looking forward to the great festival.

– Viera Veidner – VIMFF Board Member

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Phase 2
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