WordPress Basics

WordPress Basics

3 – Session Workshop
March 1st, 8th & 15th, 2017 // 6:30 – 8:30
Cost: $175.00

Are you frustrated with updating your current website? Images not cropping or aligning correctly? Have one small task to complete but have now spent 3+ hours researching how to do it? And what is a widget anyways?

This workshop is for individuals who are looking to better manage or make edits to their pre-existing, self-hosted WordPress websites.

Over three sessions, you’ll be guided through learning and understanding the basics of how to use your self-hosted, WordPress website. You will learn how to navigate through the back-end of your WordPress site, adjust basic settings, use basic plug-ins, edit pages & posts, upload media and manage users. This workshop will be facilitated in a group environment, but allow for one-on-one time to have your site-specific questions addressed.

Workshop participants will receive 20% off up to 4 additional hours of support with Lindsay McGhee Designs.

// You will learn the basics of:
• Photo resolution & the difference of Web vs. Print
• Using and managing a WordPress website
• Editing
• Theme Specific Settings
• Search Engine Optimization or SEO

// What you need:
• A laptop & charger
• A pre-existing self-hosted WordPress.org Website
• Your WordPress login information
• Photo-editing software for resizing and cropping
• Pen & notebook

Workshop Terms & Policies:
• Based on the complexity of your website, please note we may not be able to address all your questions in the time allotted for the workshop
• As WordPress themes and associated plugins are all different in terms of functionality, updatability, and simply how recent they have been developed, please understand that there may be discrepancies between your theme and another attendees theme, as such these specific items may be reserved for focusing on during the one-on-one time

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